polystar® 250 MV - a table-top sealing unit for the office (according to DIN 11607-2)

with USB port

Whether in the office, in the laboratory or in sick bay- with the polystar® 250 MV sealing device everything which needs to be sterilized can be packed safely. 

The sealing processes are documented easily and safely. Any relevant sealing parameter is saved onto the connected USB key and can be read out later on any common PC. Thereby the sealing processes are evaluable according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2 and comply with DIN 58953-7.

Standard compliant sealing: precise for the office!

The sealing unit polystar® 250 MV works after the thermal impulse principle, which means that it is ready for use at once. The entry of parameters temperature, sealing and cooling time is made over the membrane keypad. Afterwards simply place the packaging between the sealing units and operate the lever arm. Ready is the film packaging. Controlled workflow and constant in seam quality.

A cutting device is already integrated in the polystar® 250 MV. It is operated manually during the sealing process.

Complete the polystar® 250 MV with a detachable table and a film roll unwinder. By that way the table-top sealing device will certainly become an indispensable helper by you.

Technical Data polystar® 250 MV
Seam length, max. 250 mm
Seam width 8,0 mm
Current input (peak value) 4,0 A
Power consumption (peak value) 0,1 kWh
Measurements 440 x 305 x 110 mm
Net weight 8,5 kg
Mains supply 230 V/50 Hz
Devices delivered with 1,5 m connecting cable. Measurements and weights are approximate.
Subject to technical changes.

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