Continuous Sealing Machines

for sterilisation packages using paper/plastic

The specialist for sterile film sealing! Whether see-through film rolls or pouches: The universally applicable polystar® continuous sterile film sealing machine 620 DSM keeps its promises.

Where lives are concerned: Consistent safety is vital!

The material to be sealed runs at a speed of 6.2 m per minute through two thermal jaws and is immediately sealed under pressure from two hold-down rollers. The amount of pressure adjusts automatically to the material used so that not only the 12 mm broad seams are absolutely secure but also an optimum peel effect can be ensured. The temperature can be varied infinitely between 100 and 250°C. The polystar® sterile film continuous sealing machine 620 DSM is made of stainless steel and is available with a fixed bag-processing table or with a roller conveyor (620 DSM-RB) or table-top electrical conveyor (620 DSM-TB) for particularly unwieldy sterile packages, depending on the intended application.

Technical Data polystar® 620 DSM Roller Conveyor Table-top Conveyor
Speed 6,5 m/Min. - 6,5 m/Min.
Seal width 12 mm - -
Seal temperature 100 - 250° C - -
Current input 1,6 A - 0,3 A
Power consumption 0,4 kWh - 0,08 kWh
Measurements 610 x 310 x 190 mm 1000 x 310 x 105 mm 1145 x 305 x 100 mm
Net weight 17,0 kg 6,3 kg 17,9 kg
Mains supply 230 V/50 Hz - 230 V/50 Hz
All machines are supplied with a 2 m connecting cable.
The weights given are approximate.
We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!

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