Digital Continuous Sealing Machines

for sterilisation packages using paper/plastic

Now you can seal and print at the same time. The polystar® 981 DSM can be ordered with an integrated matrix printer. Thus sterilised items can be sealed and e.g. printed with packing date, date of expiry and any text of your choice across the 15 mm(!) width and therefore absolutely secure sealing seam in one single step.

All printed texts can be specified to suit customer requirements, up to a length of 20 characters (letters and numbers). They are entered via an alpha-numerical keyboard.

In black and white: Guaranteed sterile!

The polystar® sterile film continuous sealing machine 981 DSM has a rational stand-by function. Not until the package is inserted does the conveyor belt switch itself on and if no more material is fed in, then switches itself off again automatically. However, the preselected sealing temperature still remains constant so that more sterile packages can be sealed as required. The permanent heating system as well as the robust stainless steel construction ensure easy application at any time.

Technical Data: polystar® 981 DSM / 981 DSM-P* Roller Conveyor
Speed 8,5 m/Min. -
Seal width 15 mm -
Seal temperature 50 - 199° C -
Current input max. 2,2 A -
Power consumption max. 0,4 kWh -
Measurements 550 x 320 x 210 mm 755 x 290 x 76 mm
Net weight (with printer) 17,7 kg (18,5 kg) 7,5 kg
Mains supply 230 V/50 Hz -
P* = with dot-matrix printer
All machines are supplied with a 2,5 m connecting cable.
The weights given are approximate.
We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!

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