Electromagnetic Table-top Sealers

for use in hospitals

Compile your individual sterile film sealing equipment to suit your own needs. Simply supplement the polystar® electromagnetic table-top sealer 418 M-RPA with a cutter, plug-in work table including measuring guide and space-saving film roll magazine and you have everything you need at hand.

Complete reliability: All at hand!

The polystar® sterile film magnetic table-top sealer 418 M-RPA works according to the thermal impulse principle and ensures the sealing procedure required for complete safety through electromagnetic pressure. In addition the new polystar® Electronic ensures controlled sealing processes and a consistent seam quality.

Your advantages:

  • Simple operation via a plastic film keyboard; sealing and cooling times can even be regulated in graduations of tenths of a second; automatic residual heat detection; integrated piece counter; memory function for max. 12 different plastic films; code for operator; stop and error functions.
Technical data polystar® 418 M-RPA polystar® 618 M-RPA
Seal length, max. 400 mm 600 mm
Seal width 8 mm 8 mm
Passage width 330 mm 525 mm
Jaw opening 15 mm 15 mm
Current input 2,4 A 9 A
Power consumption 1,4 kWh 2,0 kWh
Measurements 560 x 310 x 160 mm 765 x 310 x 160 mm
Net weight 19,2 kg 20,5 kg
Mains supply 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
All machines are supplied with a 3 m connecting cable. The weights given are approximate. We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice! Enquire now

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