Portable Impulse Tong Sealers

Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, sometimes short, sometimes so long it is never ending...

The mobile polystar® tong sealer seals all sizes as well as small parts and the handling is easy and flexible. Long lengths can be easily joined together using seam-on-seam sealing. This model is suitable for sealing polyethylene film up to 2 x 0,30 mm thickness.

Mobile - Easy - Handy: You can reach anywhere!

All polystar® tong sealers use a special pressure switch for generating the heat impulse and a luminous diode for optical monitoring the working cycle.

Technical Data:
Standard-type Seal length Weight
Model 150 D max. 150 mm 0,70 kg
Model 200 D max. 200 mm 0,75 kg
Model 300 D max. 300 mm 0,80 kg
Model 400 D max. 400 mm 0,95 kg
Model 600 D max. 600 mm 1,00 kg
Model 150 DS max. 150 mm 0,80 kg
Model 300 DS max. 300 mm 1,00 kg
Model 300 SFZ max. 300 mm 0,80 kg
Model 400 SFZ max. 400 mm 0,85 kg
Measurements 160, 210, 310, 410, 610x220x65 mm
All sealing tongs can be used for a seal width of 3 mm.
All machines are supplied with a 3 m connecting cable.
The measurements and weights given are approximate.
Required impulse generator: polystar® 120 GE
Current input max. 3,7 A
Power consumption approx. 0,86 kWh
Measurements 246 x 195 x 140 mm
Mains supply 230 V/50 Hz
We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!

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