Electromagnetic Table-top Sealers

Vertical sealing jaws

You can leave it to these sealing jaws. Simply place the packing or bags between the vertical sealing jaws and press the foot switch. The automatic sealing and cooling times will not let anything else happen until everything has been carefully closed and has cooled down to ensure better durability.

If it can go in: It will be sealed!

polystar® Electromagnetic table-top sealers have vertical sealing jaws between which the goods to be sealed are placed. All units operate using the thermal impulse process and are ready for immediate use without any pre-heating. Polyethylene films up to 2 x 0,40 mm thickness can be sealed without any problems. The automatic sealing and cooling times are infinitely variable and the system is operated via a foot switch. The stand-alone controller for the heating jaws as well as the electromagnetic sealing jaws pressure and the optical control guarantees constant sealing results - and this is for seam lengths of 400 and 600 mm.

Technical Data polystar® 401 M polystar® 601 M
Seal length, max. 400 mm 600 mm
Seal width 3,0 mm 3,0 mm
Passage width 330 mm 525 mm
Jaw opening 15 mm 15 mm
Current input 3,0 A 7,0 A
Power consumption 0,8 kWh 1,5 kWh
Measurements 560 x 305 x 155 mm 765 x 305 x 155 mm
Net weight 13,7 kg 20,5 kg
Mains supply 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
All machines are supplied with a 3 m connecting cable. The measurements and weights given are approximate. We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!

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