Hand-Guided Continuous Band Sealers

for polyethylene film

This hand-guided continuous band sealer is used wherever large-sized bags and sacks or long webs of polyethylene film have to be sealed together.

Time for manual operation: Feed-in - Guide - Ready!

Connecting up, heating-up and get started - there is no easier way to close your PE bags and sacks. And with a 5 meter connecting cable you are almost unbound.

After the short heating-up period you have to feed-in the polyethylene material into the band sealer. Then, the material will be transported through the heating and cooling area. Following the spring-loaded pressure bars seal the polyethylene material and take care for a strong and constant quality of sealing seam. During the passage of the material the operator has to guide the band sealer at the speed given by the sealer. At any time, the welding area must always be straight.

polystar® band sealers are manufactured in accordance with the terms of “CE”

Technical Data polystar® 325 DSM
Seal speed adjustable 1-10 m/Min.
Passage height 30 mm
Seam width 6 mm
Weldable PE film thickness 2 x 0,15 mm
Power consumption 0,32 kWh
Measurements (with handle) 330 x 105 x 220 mm
Net weight 3,9 kg
Mains Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
This band sealer will be supplied with a 5 m connecting cable. The measurements and weights given are approximate. We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!

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